The last three items are online courses that are taken in batches or classes. If you wish to take KM4Devt or KMPCC, you can either (a) use the corresponding PayPal button below if you are paying using your personal funds and then email us (serafintalisayon@gmail.com) so that we can send you the introductory learning materials, or (b) if your organization will sponsor you and it does not have an organizational PayPal account, inform us by email and we will send you the registration and introductory learning materials. The date of the next KM4Devt class is announced in the KM4Devt page; ditto for the KMPCC class.

e-Book: 99 Paradigm Shifts for Survival in the Knowledge Economy: a KM Reader Free
e-Book: Knowledge for Poverty Alleviation Free
e-Book: Post-Project Knowledge Capture Free
e-Book: 39 Simple Low-Cost Projects in KM and Innovation
Online course on KM for Public and Development Sectors
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Online course on KM for Sustainable Growth
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Online KM Practitioner Certification Course

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