Who We Are

The Community and Corporate Learning for Innovation (CCLFI) is the for-profit sister company of the non-profit Center for Conscious Living Foundation, Inc. Both are duly registered at the Securities and Exchange Commission of the Philippines.

Mainstreaming Conscious Living

The Foundation was established in 1999 to advocate and promote conscious living, through personal and organizational learning and change, including knowledge management. Since then it had assisted many Philippine government agencies in their knowledge management programs: Department of Health, Department of Budget and Management, National Economic and Development Authority, Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas and Department of Trade and Industry, among others. It has partnered with the Asian Institute of Management to co-produce an e-manual on post-project knowledge capture, which has been freely distributed to the development community. It has similarly partnered with Peace and Equity Foundation to co-produce a new framework for successful anti-poverty projects and co-publish another freely-distributed e-book on Knowledge for Poverty Alleviation. It has published and freely distributed an e-manual on knowledge management, 99 Paradigm Shifts for Survival in the Knowledge Economy: a Knowledge Management Reader.

Over the last 18 years, the Foundation had developed many innovative products and services. It developed a strategic corporate intervention, the Green Spot Strategic Planning Workshop, which enables corporate executives to reexamine their business assumptions and innovate their business model aligned with new market realities. It has built a suite of assessment tools in organizational learning and knowledge management. It has developed an internationally successful online mentored Knowledge Management Practitioner Certification Course.

Moving Towards Learning and Innovation

The principals of the Foundation decided to move on to a new phase. They recognized that knowledge management for innovation are increasingly more important for excellence and competitiveness than knowledge management for productivity. While the old Foundation had been developing know-how in both areas, they wanted a new social enterprise - CCLFI - to be known for its expertise in innovating new products and services. This company can then assist, train and build capacities of individuals, communities, local and national governments, civil society organizations, development institutions and private corporations in innovation.

The central message and offering of CCLFI is "Helping You Innovate".

The first two initiatives of CCLFI are a new book and a new online course. Balboa Press in the US had recently published a book written by Apin Talisayon, Healing Our Divided Planet: Stories of Transboundary Learning for our Grandchildren. It introduces the novel idea of managing our "mental fences" to help heal the serious divides threatening world peace. CCLFI has launched a new online course for the private sector, the Knowledge Management for Sustainable Growth, which builds corporate capacities towards scalability and innovation.

Our Vision

We envision CCLFI to be a social enterprise that believes in a future where people can experience enhanced livelihoods, equity, peace, as well as economic, social and environmental security. 

Our Mission

As a global knowledge, learning, and enabling network, our mission is to develop and share information and knowledge, and facilitate innovation and transformation to empower people, communities, organizations and networks. We view innovation as the process of creating, inventing, diffusing and transforming ideas and knowledge into products and services which are useful to meet human needs.

CCLFI serves its clients through information and knowledge generation, and development of capacities to learn, find solutions and innovate for progress and growth.

  • For its clients in the for-profit sector, CCLFI seeks to build capacities for continuous learning and improvement, innovation, sustainable growth and competitiveness.
  • For its clients in the not-for-profit sector, CCLFI seeks to bridge science with policies and on-the-ground practice, facilitating knowledge sharing among policy makers, experts, planners, and practitioners with ideas and perspectives towards the achievement of sustainable development. We see knowledge-sharing initiatives as a source of inspiration, innovation, and questioning, helping in the design of future strategies. We guide clients in the design and implementation of processes and structures that support transformation and value creation for the people and communities our clients serve. 
  • For individuals, CCLFI offers training and learning materials to help them better understand, live and work in the global knowledge society and to gain competencies in lifelong learning or unlearning and in innovative thinking to effectively make worthwhile contributions in his work, family, local and global communities.