EI Training of Graduating Students

In partnership with the regional center for Central Luzon of the Philippine Carabao Center located at the campus of the Central Luzon State University (PCC@CLSU), CCLFI launched a pioneering training for graduating students in basic emotional intelligence (EI) skills. The students were seniors undergoing on-the-job training which is a mandatory requirement before graduation. They came from four schools: Central Luzon State University, Marinduque State College, Bataan Peninsula State University, and Cavite State University.

The partnership is a joint public service of the two organizations. We believe that this training is beneficial for students because many organizations look for not only technical skills or academic performance when hiring new graduates, but also for indications of the right attitudes and soft skills such as initiative or motivation, stress management, and teamwork - EI skills that are often missed in formal university curricula.

During the training course, students learn better teamwork by producing together an e-book titled "Training in Basic Emotional Intelligence: Class e-Journal". It outlines the sequence of learning processes based on an earlier CCLFI book "Our Hearts and Minds Together: A Practical Handbook in Emotional Intelligence." It chronicles - in their own words - their learning journeys individually as well as in teams. You are free to download an e-copy by clicking on the book cover image in the EI handbook page.