5th Class of KM For Executives Course starts on February 4, 2023

What is the least cost but maximum impact of knowledge management tool?

When 95 world leaders were asked what is the most important leadership skill, their answers were nearly unanimous. What is the quickest way to learn that skill?

Executives see the big picture. But they have so many buttons they can push within a short or limited time. Which button shall they push first?

These question will be addressed in only four two-hour Saturday sessions in the course Knowledge Management for Executives: Merging Inner and Outer Work for Greater Productivity and Innovation. 

CCLFI invites you to join the next class and join many satisfied executives who participated in the course. Listen to what some of them - ranging from city mayors to department (=ministry) undersecretaries (=deputy ministers) - said about the course:

"I've got a lot of take-aways from the session on Knowledge Management. But the most significant one is the 200% listening. That in order for you to completely listen to your client, you should give your full external and internal attention."

"The content and procedure in the conducted three-session lectures are practical approaches as it gave me a deeper appreciation of Knowledge Management. Doing my inner and outer work through the weekly exercises allowed me to reflect on my situation as a leader. Further, the speaker's way of commencing the session through recalling previous topics after another increases my retention... in totality, the said lectures were indeed incredible."

"One of the significant learnings about the KM lectures is the relevance of self-mirroring or doing some inner works. Self-mirroring allows me to reflect, stand, and be aware of my being and my purpose as I realized that I have an ultimate goal, investing in my life afterlife."

"The most significant learning from the KM lectures is that, it helps me to understand the significance of service-oriented provider. and gives me idea how to handle my predicaments in my job."

"Thank you so much Dr. Talisayon great learnings and very informative."

"The most relevant topic for me that is very applicable to my work situation is the "Head and Heart" approach in Knowledge Management."

If interested, email serafin.talisayon@cclfi.international Cc serafintalisayon@gmail.com to signify your intent to take this short course.